Urban Dictionary: limp bizkit game - limp biscuit cum game


The Biscuit Game limp biscuit cum game

The limp bizkit game is where a group of boys jack off together, squirting their sperm into a glass and the last one to cum has to drink all the other boy's cum.

onto the biscuit. The last person to cum, consequently, has to eat the soggy biscuit. it soggy with semen. Hey Chuck want to play a game of Limpbiscuit?

Soggy biscuit is a male group masturbation activity in which the participants stand around a biscuit (UK) or cookie (US) masturbating and ejaculating onto it; the last person to do so must eat the biscuit. The game is reportedly played by adolescents, notably in the United episode of Big Mouth, Limp Bizkit, and Skinless's song "Scum Cookie".